Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There's always some 'struction going on at my house.  My dad is usually building something or fixing something.  He's pretty much the handiest guy ever.  Except the one time he accidentally aggravated our basement situation.

And now we have drain tile!  I don't really know about drain tile except it means that all your basement stuff gets moved to the living room and workers come and make a mess.

After the workers made a mess of the basement we got to do some arts and crafts hand prints!  Dad went first, then mom.

Uncle Jeff prepped Loulou for her turn while I fussed through mine.  I have a policy about dirty hands...

Loulou tried to make a hand print but her hands only make fists.

So she made a footie print instead.

 She may have dipped her jammas in the cement a little too.  Fail.

Our art project turned out pretty awesome.  Sissy Dog didn't want to participate.  Something about fur and cement not mixing.  

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