Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I've probably told you this before, Peeps, but I really mega love bath time.  It's probably my favorite time of day aside from boobie-flavored-boobie time.

Baths have always been fun, but now that I'm pretty much grown up I love it even more.  Here are some of my favorite parts.

I love when my sister helps to scrub me.  She's pretty excellent at peeplet-scrubbing and only sometimes dumps the water over my head.

I love my toy ball.  I haven't quite figured out how to munch it but I'm trying.

I really love flailing myself until I'm nearly completely submerged. 

I love munching my washcloth.  Nothing quite as delicious as the sweet taste of dirty bath water with a hint of baby pee.

 But do you know what I love most?

Practicing my signature move, the mega-flail.  I figure if I practice hard, pretty soon I'll be able to completely fling myself out of the tub.  Awesome.

When I'm done bathing, I always like to check myself out and make sure I'm looking chubby-rific.  I clean up pretty good.

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