Saturday, June 8, 2013


Let me begin by saying that boobie-flavored boobie is still my favorite. I just want to be clear.

But I'm getting older and my taste buds are maturing. Not only do I love boobie-flavored boobie, I also enjoy b-gucks, hands, mom's shoulder (preferably bare), Sophie giraffe, the carpet, and washcloths (preferably pre-soaked in dirty bath water).  So the other day mom was all, "Stu, it's rainy, I'm bored, want to try something new?"

And I was all, "Mmmm plastic bib! This is a nice change from the cotton ones!"

Apparently that's not what mom had in mind. And apparently I was "lacking focus" in my plastic bib so it was removed.  Lame.  But then something amazing happened.

Oatmeal! Mom couldn't shovel it in fast enough. For real. So I tried to help.

Turns out, my hands are even better when they are oatmeal flavored.

I can't say that my tongue entirely understood what it was supposed to do, so I may have leaked a tiny drop or two.

But I hear oatmeal is good for the skin, so if I did spill a little, it was totally on purpose.

Mom made sure to emphasize that I'm still pretty young for food and I won't be getting oatmeal treats everyday.  Lame.  But that's fine.  I bet Juj will share hers with me, and they spike hers with applesauce and cinnamon!

I think this food situation is going to work out just fine. But I better still get boobie-flavored boobie a lot. Like at night. Especially 1 am. 

*No Stu-Peeps were left unattended on tables in recalled Bumbo seats for the making of this blog post.

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