Saturday, June 22, 2013


This weekend I've been practicing my only-child skills. It's hard work to find ways to entertain myself without Juj around. So far I've done some rolling skills, drooling skills, camera-licking skills, and napping skills.

So when mom was all, "Stu, do you want to have a playdate with Emma?" I was all, "Obvious!" 

It was mega fun to see her.

I was particularly interested in grabbing her eyeballs. Mom tried to discourage this. Lame. First she's all, "Stu, you need to work on your fine motor skills," and then she's all, "Stu! We don't grab eyeballs!" It'd be swell if she could make up her mind.

We stretched out to see how much we've grown.

I think our growing skills are pretty excellent. We've gotten giant.

And then I tried to grab her eyeballs again.

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