Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today mom took me and Juj on a ridiculous adventure.

I mean, it probably would have been fine if it didn't involve outside time in the pouring rain.

And it probably also would have been fine if mom had remembered to feed me during the eleventy hours we were out.

Luckily I was able to scream loud enough to convince her to get me some lunch. Real lunch. None of that puffed-rice-fake-cookie-tastes-like-paper crap.

(Incidentally she tried to start me with the aforementioned crap. It mostly landed all over the floor. And then people judged mom. She probably deserved it.)

I shared my mac and cheese with Juj. Because sharing is kind.

I shoveled it in at record speed. I was so hungry I didn't even waste time choking. There's no time for finger sweeps when you're that famished.

I basically had mac and cheese everywhere. I was a disaster. A delicious, cheesy disaster. With a side of an entire four ounce yogurt.

Lunch was so good I almost forgot that mom withheld the boobie-flavored-boobie for over six hours. Almost.

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