Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Apparently Juj thinks she can just hijack my blog. Lame. I'm doing awesome stuff too. I lick floors, chew cords, lick chairs, crawl under tables, and lick stuff.

When I'm not working on licking skills, I'm working on my standing and stomping skills.

I'm getting to be a pretty awesome stander. I can stand for a long time and even play toys while I stand. I probably multi-task better than mom.

But even better, when properly motivated, I can take three or four stomps. But mostly crawling is faster so don't expect me to stomp on command. I'm not a circus performer.

I totally know how to run. I just choose not to. For now. But it's coming.

Also on the list of awesome skills? Posing for a flash camera. I'm awesome with a flash.

I should probably get into modeling because I'm so great with a flash.

Mom is super excited for the weather to get cold because then we'll be stuck only taking pictures inside. Bring on the flash!

I basically rule.

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