Tuesday, October 15, 2013


About a week ago I got to put my cheering skills to the test. It was time to watch Papa run a big race. I invited Lu but she was all, "I think I'll stay home and nap."  Lame.

It was a bit chilly out so I wore a billion layers.

I watched for a while to see if I could spot Papa. I spotted a weird furry guy and some people in tutus and some speedy runners and not so speedy runners.

Even though it was against my policy last year, this year I was older and more mature, so I even high-fived the runners. Don't worry, mom hand-sanitized the bejeebus out of my hands afterward. She even made me eat my donut hole with my untainted hand. Yes, she's a little insane.

And then I spotted Papa! He was pretty excited to spot me too! And mom was pretty excited that the fannie pack she had in 1982 was still being well-used.

 I was so happy that Papa paused to see me.

I'm an excellent Papa-cheerer because I have so many years of practice.  Two years ago I was just a tiny-cheerer.

Last year I was a pensive-cheerer.

But this year I was an amazing cheerer. And Papa basically won!

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