Monday, October 14, 2013


I mega love Halloween. The good news for me is that mom also loves Halloween. 

So yesterday I was all, "I think it's time for a family adventure!"

And Lu was all, "I love adventures! How about we go somewhere we can lick floors and chew cords!" Not exactly what I had in mind.

Instead I brought everyone to the trolley for a trolley ride to the pumpkin patch. Yay!

I was probably the best dressed princess-peep on the trolley. No surprise there. At least no one told me I looked like Beyonce (I'm not even kidding, that happened earlier in the day).

The trolley was amazing. It had billions of Halloween decorations all over it.

Lu thought it was pretty neat too, even though there was a "no climbing or floor licking" rule. 

When we got to the pumpkin patch I decided to get inked. I picked spiders and named them Itsy, Bitsy and Mitsy. I love spiders. When they're tattoos. And not real. And not on my ceiling.

We searched and searched for the perfect pumpkins. Dad is an expert pumpkin picker so he helped advise me. We ended up with excellent choices and poor lighting to document said choices. I blame the photographer.

We had the best time on our trolley pumpkin adventure. I can't wait until the next Halloween activity. Hopefully it involves candy.

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