Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today was a beautiful, warm November day so I took mom for a quick waddle around the block.  When we got home, I was in for quite a surprise.

I went up to my room and my cribby and dresser and chair were gone!  I was all, "Big Hank, was I robbed?!?" and Big Hank was all, "No Peep, you're finally getting a big girl bed!"


Amazing!  I was so excited to have daddy build all my furniture!

Not that it wasn't fun having my mattress in the living room to jump on for the past week, but I think it's even better in my room.

While dad finished building everything and mom put away all my clothes in my new dresser, the guys and I got acquainted with my bed.  

I waited on the floor while Mom put on the finishing touches - my owl sheets!  It took a while.  Have you ever seen a whale try to make a bed that's obstructed by a guardrail?  It's not pretty.

But then my room was all ready for me!

I have a cozy bed with all my guys and my own pillow and blankets.  And I have a nightstand with my clock so I can watch for the seven in the morning.

I have a new peep-sized dresser too.  There's lots more room for playing and somersaults in my room now.  Even Big Hank can stretch his legs.

After bath I was all, "I don't need my cribby anymore, I'm a big girl."  But big girls still get b-gucks.  Obvious.  So do daddies sometimes.

Mom and dad snorgled me in like regular and I was all set!  Now I can sleep in my cozy bed and they can wonder when they'll hear from me.  Awesome.

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