Sunday, November 18, 2012


The other day my friend Jack was all, "Hey Juj, I know you haven't seen me since I was a newborn and now I'm bigger than you, but do you want to come over and meet my new puppy?" and I was all, "Of course I do!"

I wasn't too sure about Blue-puppy at first since he kind of wanted to jump on me and snoot me and lick me and taste my shoes.  But then I discovered something we have in common - a love of books!

I picked a book about puppies - it seemed like appropriate subject matter - and I read to Blue.  He was pretty into the story.  My dramatic flair probably helped.  I'm an excellent story-telling-peep.

I had a pretty fun time reading to Blue but Sissy-Dog doesn't have to worry.  I think I still prefer dogs that don't try to munch my toys and jump on me and lick me.  Sissy's desire to mind her own business makes her just right for me.

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