Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day Twenty

Woohoo, Day Twenty!  This week is Farm Animal Week.  I'm pretty much a farm animal expert.  I've been singing about Old MacDonald for years.

It was pretty chilly this morning so I was all, "Mom, we better take my picture inside."  

Hanky-backpack, Hanky-guy and I found a good spot for pictures.  Even mom mumbled something about decent lighting.

It seemed a bit sunny to me.  Thankfully I found the proper accessory for such an occasion.

And then I was ready to go!

And yes, I know I wore a jacket in my carseat.  And yes, such an atrocity did make mom unreasonably tense.  But don't worry, my straps were body-numbingly tight and I'm told pretty soon mom will have an alternate plan for the car so that I'm not riding around in danger.

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