Monday, February 4, 2013


Since I'm only a month and two days old, I'm not entirely sure about all my favorite things yet.  I know I love Herbie Hippo, I love boobie-flavored boobies, and I tolerate my b-guck.  But there's one thing I absolutely mega-love - my sister.  She's basically awesome and I'd watch her all day if I could (and not miss out on any of the aforementioned boobies).

The good news for me is that she thinks I'm totally awesome too. And since I am, it's obvious she's super smart.  So I was all, "Juj, how'd you get to be so smart?" and she was all, "Reading! You have to read eleventy billion books a day to be smart. It's a rule."

I don't quite have my reading skills mastered yet, but the next best thing is being read to all the time.

And Juj is the best.  She reads me books all day long.

She even reads to me when I'm asleep.  I'm pretty sure I wake up smarter.

I can't wait until I can read books by myself.  But since mom still hides my hands in my undershirt (lame), it'll probably be a while.  So I'm glad I have Juj to look out for me.

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