Thursday, February 28, 2013


Time flies, Peeps!  I'm thirty-four!  In fact, I've been so busy growing up I missed my thirty-three update.  Oops.

I'm loving thirty-four.  Practically three years old!  But I still like to reminisce about my younger years.  Usually from the Bumbo seat.  It helps me to see how much I've grown up! These days I'm wearing mostly 3T clothes but even some 4T shirts sometimes!  I'm growing big and tall.  My fluffy mullet is curly and getting really long.  But don't worry, I have no plans to cut it.  

I've been mega busy with my baby sister.  I am pretty much the best big sister ever.  I am kind and sweet and never jealous.  Basically I rule.  I love to help get things ready for when mom changes Elise.  And I like to play with her on the play mat and read her stories and sing her songs.  I tell her I love her all day long.  She's my best little friend.  And she loves me too.  She smiles and chatters me!  I bet she'll say "Juj" any day now.

My biggest news since my last update is that I'm totally done with diapers!  I had been resting in them and sleeping in them at night.  But since I haven't had a wet one in eleventy billion months I get to wear underwear all the time now!  It's pretty awesome.

When I'm home I love love love reading books.  Books are my favorite.  I probably spend three or four hours a day reading to myself and my guys and Elise.  When I'm not reading I like to play 'noculars or play with my guys (stuffed animals) or play basketball hoop or dance to Malt Shop Oldies.  And I love art projects, especially ones that have glue sticks involved.  My art room (the dining room in theory) is a good place to look for me - I have play-doh and paints and stickers and lots of projects that I like to work on and since I'm a pretty responsible toddler-peep, I can use any of them even if mom and dad aren't around.

My sleeping skills have been pretty great - even mom and dad are impressed.  Although, compared to my sister, it's not hard to be the family's token awesome sleeper.  I go to bed around 8:15 or 8:30 pm and sleep until about 7 am.  I always wait until my clock says "7" and then I call for dad or knock on my door.  In the morning I watch a show with dad while he works out in the basement and then we eat breakfast together before we get mom and Elise up.  They like to sleep in, probably because they get so much time together in the night.  I've been taking great naps too.  I usually sleep 2 or 2:30 pm until 5 or 5:30 pm.  My best is so toasty cozy I can't help but snooze.

I'm going to school two days a week still (yes, I know I'm behind on those pictures but I have them all and I'll share them soon!).  I love singing and reading in school.  And I like to know the theme of the week ahead of time so I can be all ready and festive.  I haven't been to gym class or peep yoga in a while but I practice my yoga skills all the time, especially my wall-hand-stands.  My guys like to watch and learn.  I got to go to Library Music Class the last month and a half and I loved it - we sang songs and read books and played instruments and afterward I always got to pick new books.  I could stay in the library all day but mom usually cut me off after two hours.  Lame.

Don't worry.  Even though I love Elise, Hanky is still my best guy.  
That wraps up thirty-four - home stretch to my birthday, Peeps!

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