Monday, February 18, 2013


By now you know it's pretty typical for mom to get some absurd idea for pictures.  How many pumpkin patches have I been thrown in?  How many Halloween costumes do I own?  You get the idea.

So I didn't even act a little surprised when mom was all, "Hey Peep, do you want to take some Wizard of Oz themed pictures?" I would have protested but she whipped out an awesome twirly dress for me and I was totally sold.

I can't say the rest of the group felt the same way.  The Tin-Lab was pretty pissed about her hat.  And the Lion was more colicky than cowardly.

But I sure enjoyed myself.

As it turns out, if you give a lion a b-guck, she'll probably fall asleep.  (Hmm, that sounds like a good book proposal for a certain series I like...)

And we did make a pretty cute pair.

No shock to me, mom's vision didn't exactly come to pass...

...but we sure tried.

Once mom gave up, I got to work on my twirly-dress spinning skills.

Hank liked twirling, especially because he was a little crushed to find out there were no giraffes in Oz.  He's looking into a discrimination lawsuit.

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