Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I got a new chair today, Peeps!

I admit it doesn't do much for my figure but I feel pretty grown up in it.

Plus, it's much easier to keep a watch for boobie flavored boobie when I'm upright.

Even Juj thought it was pretty awesome. She was all, "I'm having flashbacks to my peeplet-hood."

Hank wanted to try it out too. And Juj wanted a picture of Hank trying it out. I can't imagine where she got the idea that every moment in life must be obsessively photographed.

Later, when my head was feeling too heavy for unsupported activity, I shared my seat again and Juj read to me.

I suggested War and Peace but she went with nursery rhymes. Lame.

I really like my new chair...

...and I really love my big sis.

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