Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Evenings are pretty great in my house - I have a mega fun bedtime routine.
Want to see?

First I lay on a blanket in my room and listen to music.  Raffi is my favorite.  Who needs Justin Beaver when you can have Baby Beluga?

Next I practice my skills.  Mom puts my toys just out of reach so I'll practice rolling.  Mostly I just grunt at the toys.

I have some tummy time, which usually includes some fake coughing.

Then it's time for the booger-sucker.  This thing is hilarious.

I practice my sitting skills as mom gets me undressed.

I get ready for my special treat.  I have to have it naked because sometimes I'm a little messy.

Mmmmm vitamins!

Finally it's time to go swimming!  I love my bath.  I'm getting pretty good at kicking and splashing.  I think it's super funny when mom washes my face.  I also think it's funny when she scrubs my back.  And my chubby legs.  Pretty much the whole thing is funny.

After my bath I get dried off and mom fluffs my fur.

Then I get my fur styled.

I like to have a binky appetizer while I'm getting my jammies on.  It helps me remember that I'm not suddenly on the verge of complete starvation.

Now I'm ready for my favorite snack, booby-flavored booby!

I get my snack in mom's bed.  I like to fuss and whine a little right before she feeds me to make sure she knows that I am, in fact, starving.  Otherwise she might forget and put me right to bed.

After my snack my mom wraps me up in my snorgle.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  She leans in close and whispers in my ear what she loved doing with me during the day and all the things she loves about me and sometimes some animal sounds too.  This makes me giggle through my binky, especially if she throws in a "buzz buzz buzz."  Bees are funny, you know.

Then she brings me to my room, turns on my "music" (white noise maker), and puts me in bed.  And because I'm pretty much the best baby ever, I go right to sleep.


  1. I think the comb picture is my favorite. S just cries now when she sees the booger-sucker. #1 mom.

  2. 2nd vote for the comb picture
    I love the whole bedtime story.
    Waiting for an offer from Parents Magazine:
    next generation!
    Now I can say MY goodnights directly. Well,almost . . . Love, GGMA