Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's been a very exciting day!
Today was my first Halloween so I was all, "Mom, I want to carve a pumpkin."
And mom was all, "Juj, you're not allowed to use a knife."

Honestly, it's like she looks for ways to ruin my fun.
So I let mom and dad do the knife work, and I did the rest.

And of course, mom had to put this ridiculous hat on me for the carving.
She said it was festive.

So first I got a pumpkin.

Then I tasted the pumpkin, you know, just to see if it was boobie-flavored.
It wasn't.

Dad cut the top off.

I took the guts out.  They were cold and squishy.

Then I tasted the guts, you know, just to see if they were boobie-flavored.
They weren't.

I squished the guts around some more.

I tried sitting on the pumpkin.

Then I let mom do some clever knife work.  I probably would have done a better job.  I certainly wouldn't have accidentally cut off the pumpkin's tooth.

And once again, the ridiculous pumpkin suit comes out.

Mom thought I needed to be a pumpkin outside.  It was so embarrassing.

But then Sister Lab sat with me and that was fun.

Finally, I got to put on my real costume - I was Hank!  Mom took me trick-or-treating by Grandma and Grandpa K's house.  It was super fun until mom started telling people I didn't need any candy.  Excuse me?  I came home with two pieces of candy.  Lame.

Then dad took me trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  I came home with a bag full of candy.  Awesome.

When I got home I went through my loot.

I tasted one of my candies, you know, just to see if it was boobie-flavored.
It wasn't.
I had a great day anyway, but maybe someday I'll invent boobie-flavored candy.
That would be amazing.

Happy Halloween!


  1. WAY too funny! That little girl has quite a vocabulary! The taste testing was way too cute.

  2. Best Hallowe'en ever, ever, Juj . . .
    Brings up times of my dressing up
    your twin Aunties as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy!

    That was in the 60's (the 1960's) Wow!
    Your great-grandmother, Anon


  3. It seems I have a new role as Baby Lotus Bud's messanger. She says "Cool, Juj! My mommny didn't take me trick or treating and so I got no candy. When you come up with boobie-flavored candy, you can use me in a focus group."

  4. Your such a little rock star JUJU and check out mom rocking the moby wrap, bet your glad she didn't throw it in the trash like she wanted too!

  5. Correction:
    OK, so it could not have been twin aunties, Juj!
    Your Grampa David never had twin babies,
    (just twin sisters) so,...are you following me?...
    That was your grand-aunties! Cindy Lou & Sandy Sue
    that got rigged up as 'Raggady Ann & Raggedy Andy'