Saturday, October 16, 2010


Apparently all I had to do... 

...was show my mom that I no longer cared for the Bumbo seat... 

...and I got my very own highchair!
So if I refuse to sit in the stroller will she buy me a car?

*Bumbo seats should not be used on tables.  Don't put your baby in a Bumbo seat on the table like my mom did. 
Even though I was properly supervised, it was still a bad choice.  My mom has since surrendered her Mother of the Year trophy.*


  1. Never even heard of a Bumbo seat, Juju
    Maybe Mom can retrieve her award
    if she hides that picture, ... and cries alot.

    Remember me? No I am not your favorite mouse! GGMA, with love

  2. OK I give up for today
    at least for this afternoon

    It's now up to 808 peeks
    A real peak experience for GGMA