Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have always been a chatterbox.
I have a lot to say.

But it took me a while to get things figured out.  For a long time, I was frustrated because I kept finding that things like, "Yo, mom, I'm thirsty for boobie," or "Yo, mom, I need a binky, stat," all sounded like, "Squawk."

And "Squawk" does not produce results.

The good news is that I have now mastered talking.
I thought about learning lots of words but I've found that there's no need.  My vocabulary is totally sufficient as is.

You're dying to know what I say, right?
"Dadadadadada."  Obvious.

I love my dad.
We go way back. 

He let me hold his hand when they poked me in the hospital and I was scared and cold and missing my swimming pool.

He snorgled me tightly when I was just a little squirt.

He sings me funny songs even though mom says they have inappropriate content.
And he tells me funny stories even though mom says they have inappropriate content.

We're best friends, you know.

I make him proud wearing my ultra-cool AC/DC shirt.

And when I call out "dadadadada," he comes to me, smiling, and I'm the happiest baby in the world.


  1. What kind of skincream do you use, Piller
    Great shot for an ad! You could call it Ac_DC

    Love, GG

  2. Dad's are pretty cool but soon you'll learn mom is really where it is at! Try it with me now MAMAMAMAMAMA.. See so cool!

  3. M'am Chatterbox,

    Ya know, your Mom really lucked out,
    sneaking up on you, to get a great pose
    of you and Dad, pretending to smile at each other.

    Love it! XXXXXX A Nonny