Friday, October 22, 2010


This week I went to the zoo with my friends.  I was super excited to see the Hanks, especially the new baby Hank.

We started out in the tropics.  It was steamy.

After bundling up, we were ready to head outside. 
My friends Edward and Beckett joined me.

Guess whose bright idea this was...

I saw zebras.  They looked nice.

My mom is still not funny.

I saw lions but mom wouldn't let me pose next to them.

And then we got to see the Hanks!  There were three - I liked the baby the best.  They were inside because it was a little chilly outside.

Medium Hank and baby Hank took a picture with me!

Next we saw the polar bears.  They are mom's favorite.  I asked this one to take a picture with me but he ignored me.  So this is me and a polar bear's butt.

The polar bears were so exciting I fell asleep.  If you look closely, one of the polar bears posed with me in this picture.

The seals looked at me while I slept.

The zoo was mega fun, but visiting all my animal friends was exhausting.

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