Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What a morning!
After trying for a while to convince mom and dad that I'm all grown up, they finally listened.  Last night was my first night unsnorgled!  I slept almost twelve hours - I rule!  

I had a mega great sleep because I had Hank to snorgle.  He's pretty much my best friend.

I spent the morning playing with mom.  Sometimes I tip over.  Hank cushioned my fall.  And do you see that remote?  Don't be jealous but that's my very own remote.  It's pretty much amazing.  (No, it is not boobie flavored, I've checked.)

After playing, mom and I cooked for a while.  I got to taste the mango.  It was awesome.

Umm, it's really hard work to cook so much food.

1 comment:

  1. Yup, woneful morning and great day . . .
    and, far far 'way in Wiskysin, I think,
    it was G grammasita's Birthday.
    Tried calling her, but the remote wouldn't answer.
    Will have to get one that's booby-flavored.
    Hank wants to sing *Happy Birthday to you*.