Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Okay, I'll be honest.
I drool.  A lot.
It's like this ridiculous faucet that I cannot turn off.

I realize it can be frustrating.
Nearly all my pictures have, well, areas of dampness.

I go through eleventy shirts a day and twice as many bibs, all in a futile attempt to keep dry.

It's not that I judge my mom for feeling desperate - I know she's trying hard to keep me dry.  She doesn't want me to have stinky-rashy-nasty neck.  And don't get me wrong, I applaud her creativity.  But for the love of Hank... this the best she could do?
I'm so embarrassed I begged her to conceal my identity. 


  1. haha, that is great, and really miss J this will not be the most embarrasing thing either one of your parents will do to you in your life! Just remember you get to pick out their nursing homes!

  2. Oh the things we do in moments of desperate insanity!! I used electric tape instead of a band-aid on my youngest's fat sweat little toe one time. It worked. We were all happy. The end.

    Your blog is so cute as is your baby girl