Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps!
It's been a mega fun day so far.

I got to watch a parade on TV.

Sister Lab watched too.

Then my Auntie Stacy called and said she had some ridiculously amazing clothes for me so I went over to play with her.

Turns out, her idea of amazing and mine differ slightly.

I guess the furry vest is okay - it's fluffy like Sister Lab.

My dress is pretty fun too.  Auntie Stacy said I can wear it when we lunch at the country club.

I really love my sweater and jeggings.  They are so stylish.

And even though mom told her I didn't need them (lame), Auntie Stacy still bought me some really delicious mittens.  They aren't boobie-flavored but I love them anyway.

I love playing dress-up with Auntie Stacy and dancing to Lady Gaga. 
Just don't tell her I also love Raffi.  She doesn't think Raffi is cool.

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  1. So cute! I'm glad you put on her leopard shoes with her fur vest and leopard headband!