Monday, November 22, 2010


My friend told me she had this awesome toy, the Busy Ball Popper. 
I was all, "Mom!  I need a ball popper too!"
And mom was all, "You have one, Juj, it's in your closet!"


The thing is, I didn't really ask my friend about the ball popper.

And she forgot to mention that it was the scariest toy ever.

Seriously.  Terrifying.

It tried to attack me.

I fought back.  (Not boobie-flavored.)

Sister Lab thought it was scary too but she was brave and sat with me.

A little bit later I decided to be brave and try again.  Turns out, this thing is pretty fun.

Except when it tried to blow me away!


  1. This is now my favorite blog. You're killing me!

  2. OMG! I almost wet my pants at the last picture!! Her hair is awesome!! Not to mention her expressions!!
    Priceless! Glad she's getting some use out of it! xoxo

  3. My last two kids LOVED this crazy thing. Sat and played with it forever...still would except I got tired of the same music over and over. It is now lurking in our attic!
    Happy ball popping.

    Oh, and she is just too cute for words. Love the cheeks.

  4. I can't stop chuckling. Her expressions, your "quotes", it's a hoot. If I had anyone sitting near me at work, they'd think I've lost my mind.

  5. This is why I keep giving out the blog site to people who hardly even know me! The nurse in the eye-doctor's office, my neighbor's mother, etc....

  6. Your friend says: I knew you would like it! :)