Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Today is Election Day so mom took me to vote.

When we went inside, I wasn't sure who to vote for. 
Here is a reenactment of my pensive look.  Turns out, I wasn't allowed to vote anyway.  Lame.

We walked up to the registration table and a man said, "Hello, Julia."

I was all, "O.M.G. Mom!  He knows my name!  Is that Santa??"
And mom was all, "No, Juj, your bib says your name on it."

So then mom voted.  I told her to write in Hank.  She didn't.  Then we got stickers. 

I like my sticker.

Sister Lab was feeling kind of left out because Sister Labs aren't allowed to vote or even go inside to vote so I scratched her belly.

Next year I'm going to see if dad will take me to vote.  He would totally write in Hank for me.