Sunday, December 26, 2010


I had my first babysitting job last week.  I looked after my friend Bella while her nanny was on holiday.

We had a pretty great time together.

We spent some time calling each other on the phone. 

I checked to see if I could get the entire phone in my mouth.  I couldn't.  Probably because it wasn't boobie-flavored.

I was excited to see some of my favorite guys at her house - she has great taste in toys.

We spent a lot of time just hanging out and chattering. 
Mom teases me a little because Bella is just three days older than me but she makes me look, well, like a circus midget.

Then, in the afternoon, Bella was all, "Hey Juj, I'm going to take a two hour nap now."
And I was all, "That's lame Bella, don't you want to stay up and play?"
She didn't.  So I caught up on my reading.

We had a really fun day together.  I would totally babysit for her anytime...

...especially because her toys make the coolest noises!

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