Saturday, December 25, 2010


Peeps!  Santa came to my house!!

When I woke up this morning I scampered down the steps (okay, mom carried me) and I found a billion presents all for me!  I was feeling extra generous so I shared a couple with mom and dad.  What am I going to do with a Gander Mountain gift card anyway?

Santa brought me tons of awesome paper.  I tore it and tasted it and played with it.  Paper is the best present ever!

Since I've been such a great baby, Santa brought me toys too!  As if the paper weren't exciting enough!  I got a ball popper that spins and pops and scares Sister Lab.

I got a musical, talking, table!!  It takes batteries and everything!  Mom doesn't usually like me to have battery operated toys but she made an exception for Christmas.

I got some blocks to learn about shapes.

I got a book about binks!

Sister Lab gave me a puppy picture for my room...

...and Hank gave me a giraffe picture!

My Auntie and Uncle that live in Disneyland sent me Minnie Mouse.  Her nose is delicious.  I tasted it.  And then Sister Lab tasted it.  We really love Minnie even though she isn't boobie or cheese flavored.

I got a Minnie bib and princess bowl and fork and spoon.  They are so much cooler than my regular dishware.

My neighbor got me this fluffy soft coat.  It is toasty-cozy and nice to pet, kind of like Sister Lab.

Presents were so much fun to open.  Later, mom got an idea.  Her ideas usually end badly.  Remember the pumpkin patch?  Well, she decided I should get a picture with Santa.  I thought we were headed to the mall where Santa lives.

Nope.  She stuck me in a snow bank, got herself stuck in thigh deep snow, and got flakes on the camera, all for one lousy shot with Santa.

Good thing I'm such a sweet and tolerant baby.  And good thing she quickly brought me inside to play with all my new toys.  I love Christmas!  I hope Santa comes again tonight!

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