Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Hank

Happy Hanukkah, Peeps!

Mom lit the Menorah.  She wouldn't let me sit next to the candles though.  Lame.

And then it was time for presents!  The Santa bag was for dad.  He got socks.  The pink one was for Sister Lab.  She got a new flashing ball.

I got the purple one.  Dad helped me open it.

It was the ball I asked for!!!  (Okay, so maybe I threw a total tantrum for this ball but it's so awesome.)

Then I got a card.  It was pretty delicious, but not boobie-flavored.  Few things are.

I got a surprise present from Grandma and Grandpa K. - Big Hank. 
I'm not even kidding either, he's huge!


He's the biggest Hank I've ever had in my room!

He's so big I can snorgle him and ride on him, but only if someone holds onto me.  My balance is a little questionable.

Big Hank can walk right over me.

I can totally hide under him.  Maybe someday I'll make a Hank fort.

I love big Hank.  I giggle every time I see him.


  1. Most excellent! Glad to see Big Hank has found the perfect home!

  2. Becky, your blog is fantastic! Love it! Big Hank is excellent!