Saturday, December 4, 2010

Growing Furs

Hi Peeps, it's me Juj.
I was going to post some pictures earlier but I had to sleep all day.
Babies get pretty tired when they're up five times in the night, you know.

I have some important things to share tonight. 
First, I love Sister Lab.  I totally know who Sister Lab is too. 
Mom will be all, "Hey Juj, where's Sister Lab?"  And I'll be all, "Mom, she's on the couch," and when I look over at my dog, mom is all, "O.M.G., Juj, you know what 'Sister Lab' means, you're a genius."

Second, I have these awesome Hanukkah socks.

Third, fingers are delicious.  But don't even ask about flavor, you know the answer.

And finally, yes, I have a bald spot.  It's not my fault.  My fur just fell out.  But if you look closely you'll see...

... new furs are growing!  I won't be bald for long!

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