Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today is a special day in our house - it's Sister Lab's Labbie-versary!

Mom and dad adopted Sister Lab four years ago.  She had ten sisters and one brother!  I'm super glad mom and dad picked puppy #5 - she's my favorite sister!

She likes to share my playmat and lie in the toasty spot where the sun shines.

She likes to lie in my room when I'm playing and keep an eye on things, especially if I have squeaky toys.

Sister Lab loves the snow!  She likes to roll in it and play ball and get her snout all snowy.  I think she's so funny when she's running around. 

 Sometimes she sleeps funny with her footies sticking out of her bed.

I can tell we're sisters because we both like to be snorgled in toasty cozy blankets.

I've loved Sister Lab since the first time we met and she gave me a lick.

We're best friends! 
Happy Labbie-versery, Sister Lab!


  1. Hey, that's great tree skirt in that last pic! ;-)

  2. beautiful dog! and the chubby cheeks are still just adorable.
    We just said good-bye to the last of a litter of fourteen puppies that our two year old female fox red lab had on September 10th.