Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today after my rest I was all, "I need berries, mom!  Strawberries and blueblaries and blackberries and raspberries outside at table, please mom!"  and mom was all, "That's a great idea, Juj!"

I eat a lot of berries.  They're pretty much my favorite.  I've been telling mom and dad I want cake and blueberries for my birthday.  I'm hoping they don't fail me.

The only trouble with berries is that they make my hands dirty.  And I hate dirty hands.  In fact, lately I've felt so messy after eating berries I've been making mom wash my hands and face and eyes.  I swear I feel better after the eye cleaning.

Luckily berries are good enough that I can usually finish a bowl without a mid-munching hand wash.  Usually.  If you're wondering, I'm told I get my special kind of crazy from both mom AND dad.  Awesome.

I'm a pretty happy berry-munching toddler-peep these days.

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