Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well Peeps, it's time for another update.  I'm twenty-three!  One more month and it's time for cake and presents and blueberries and cake!

So let's see.  Mostly twenty-three is like twenty-two.  I'm still a very happy toddler-peep.  I love playing toys and going on adventures.  I like doing puzzles, playing dollhouse, reading books, and doing computer skills.  I LOVE playing games on the computer, especially Mickey games.  And when it's nice outside, the playground is so fun, especially because now I'm an expert climber-peep.  I can even go down the big slides alone!  I still go to school and library school and gym class, all awesome.  But my very favorite thing in the whole world is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I would watch all day if mom and dad let me.  But they don't.  Lame.

Mom and dad weren't sure it was possible, but I'm even more chatty than I was last month.  My sentences are often over ten words long and I say some pretty ridiculous things.  I can't help it, I remember pretty much everything I hear.  Even the naughty words.  My alphabet skills are still pretty great and I can "read" my name if I see it on something.  I can count to 13 if you're a regular person and 16 if you speak toddler-peep.  I know shapes and colors and the days of the week.  I have my own way of telling time that works pretty well.  It's based on a particular unit of measurement "second minutes" and a few other key things, such as most things happening at "8 o'clock" and "next week."  I can sing some songs too, like ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Spider, Ring Around the Rosy and a few songs I've composed myself.

I'm growing too!  I wear size 5 diapers all the time and size 24 month/2T clothes fit me pretty well!  Plus, I just got my feet measured and I'm already in a size 5 shoes.  Giant.  I still only have 11 teeth but I'm pretty sure #12 is going to pop any second.  My fluff is super long and curly except in the morning, when it's super long and mullety.  I've probably grown so much because I'm a (medium) excellent eater.  I discovered hot dogs (amazing) but still like the usuals (carbs) too.

I've been a pretty great sleeper lately.  At night I snooze from about 8 pm until 7 or 7:15 am.  And since I'm such a nice toddler-peep, I decided to start taking good naps again.  So I snorgle in with my guys (Hanky, Hanky-blanket, Elmo, pink-blanket and b-guck) and I sleep for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

Well Peeps, I think that's about all for now.  Except, I have some bad news.  It seems I've shared so many pictures of my awesomeness that my blog is out of space.  Lame.  But don't worry, my mom is going to figure it out for me.  I don't want to let my four fans down!

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