Friday, March 16, 2012


Today it was a billion degrees outside in March!  Amazing!  I decided a sunny warm day had to be celebrated so I brought mom to the playground.  I spent a lot of time working on my balancing skills.  I'm nearly an expert.

I also spent some time exploring the waterfall but I didn't get too close.

Sliding was mega fun too.  I'm big enough to slide alone now.  I like to slide on my belly for better speed control, but I could totally slide sitting up if I wanted to.

After lots of playing my friend Ava (yep, she was at the park with me, but being busy toddler-peeps, we had a hard time playing anywhere near each other) was all, "Here Juj, try a raisin!"

And I was all, "OMG Ava!  I love raisins!  I can't believe I've never munched them!"

I had a great time at the park with Ava, even if our only time catching up involved inhaling food with our filthy fingers!

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