Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes my mom needs me to entertain myself so she can work on very important things.  Like toilet scrubbing.  Because I'm such an agreeable toddler-peep, I'm always all, "Sure mom, just hand me a bath towel, a plastic baggie and a couple Hanks and I'll be fine."

And if mom is feeling lonely in her toilet scrubbing endeavors and wants me to stick close by, I'm totally accommodating.  I'm an expert nursing-pad sorter so I usually take on that task while she does her scrubbing.

When all my playing and sorting is done, I like to crawl into bed (by myself - I can get on mom and dad's bed myself - I am unstoppable now!) and relax.  But I don't invite mom to snorgle me, she's all toilety from the scrubbing.
(No, my mom didn't buy more storage yet but I was able to sneak a few extra pictures in.  Win.)

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