Monday, March 19, 2012


Do you know what I love eating?  Yo-guck!  It's so delicious.

Lately mom and dad have been all, "You know Juj, two year old toddler-peeps usually have excellent spoon-skills.  Do you think maybe you want to learn how to scoop your own food?"  and I am always all, "I could totally feed myself but I don't want you guys to feel unneeded."  I'm just looking out for mom and dad.

Yesterday everyone was feeling especially concerned about spoon-skills so I told Sissy Dog to watch me (I needed a witness) and I showed mom and dad I'm an awesome spooner.

I know how to take giant scoops...

... and get a majority of the yo-guck in my mouth.

See?  I'm basically a professional. 

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