Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fishy Mask

Since it's been an entire week since I visited the lung doctor, I decided it was time to test mom and see if she was paying attention during Nebulizer 101 class.

Don't worry, Peeps.  I'm not mega sick.  I just have an itty bitty little cough.  It's not even croupy or barky or wheezy.  Yet.  But since I like to go big with my coughs, mom and dad (and my lung doctor) decided I should start some medicine now to try and avoid the ER.  Mom was all, "We have to avoid the ER at least until we get the bill from the visit two weeks ago."  Seems fair.

So for now I'm having my home breathing treatments and I'm a total champ about them.  I don't fuss at all.  It helps that when my fishy mask comes out, Mickey appears on the TV.  I'd probably wear the fishy mask all day if it meant Mickey all day.

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