Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Thirty-Five

Day Thirty-Five and the start of Polar Friends Week!  I think mom was more excited than me about this week - she loves polar bears.  Lucky for her, today's art project did not disappoint!

I made a polar bear mask!  Mom basically thought it was the best piece of art ever.  She's easily impressed.

I could tell Mom was super jealous that she missed out on polar bear story time.  I'm actually a little surprised she didn't try and stay for the day.

It was also a big day because I was sent home with my first Incident Report.  Turns out one of my classmates felt like head-butting me.  Lame.  I was fine, of course, since I'm a pretty tough toddler-peep.  But I had to get an ice pack and paperwork to accompany my bruise.

Even with the minor head trauma I had a great day.

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