Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Breaking Out

Hi Peeps!  It's me, Beef Stu!
I bet you've been waiting to hear from me.  I finally found a way to free my hands so I could start working on my blogging skills.  I just have to be careful - if mom spots my fingers, she may try and clip my nails again.  What a bloody mess that was. 
Anyway, the other day I was all, "Juj, can I work on some blogging skills?" and Juj was all, "Sure, Stu, why don't you write about the time you finally got to leave the hospital after eleventy days there?"

So. On my billionth day in the hospital I was all, "Dad, I think it's time we bust out of this place, unless you're enjoying that folding chair bed," and dad was all, "I'll get the car."

I got dressed in warm, snorgly clothes since mom decided to birth me in the arctic.

Before I left I stopped by to visit my best friend Emma.  We go way back to our fetal days swimming around in nearby uterus-pools.

And then I was ready to head home.

I can't say the weather impressed me but the ride was smooth and the car was warm.

When I got home I got to meet my oldest sister Sissy-dog.  She wasn't allowed to visit me in the hospital.  (We're looking into a discrimination lawsuit.)

I think Sissy and I will get along just fine.  

After so much excitement I was pretty wiped out so I relaxed in my swing for a while and modeled for Juj while she took a few pictures of me.  I don't blame her, I'm a pretty cute subject.

That night Juj and I got ready for bed.  She was all, "At bedtime you can have b-guck!" and I was all, "I'm pretty sure I can have b-guck all the time."  I probably shouldn't taunt her while she's holding me.

Before bed we all read stories and snorgled.  It was a pretty great first day at home.  I think I'll like it here.  And if not, I'll scream every night around 11 pm.  (That's a bit of foreshadowing.  Did you catch that?)

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