Monday, January 21, 2013

More Visitors

Well Peeps, it turns out I'm so busy reading and singing to my sister I barely get time to work on my blogging skills.  But I'll try and get myself caught up soon.

Where was I?
While mom and dad and Elise were in the hospital, I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa K. and Maddie.  But lucky for me, we still got to visit every day.  And I was generous enough to let everyone else have a turn holding Elise.  Briefly.

Grandma K. and Maddie got a little snorgle time in.

While mom got checked we all had a little family time in the hallway.  Based on mom's reaction to the nurse's visit I'm guessing we had more fun than she did.

Even though Auntie Maddie likes playing with me best because I'm so awesome and fun, she got a couple snorgles in too.  

Papa had a little cold so his first visits involved a mask and staying away from Elise.  But since mom decided she wanted to stay in the hospital for eleventy days, Papa finally got a chance to have a little snorgle too.
Can you believe one little baby had so many people visit?

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