Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Guess what, Peeps!  It turns out, my good friend Chica has a buddy Star who's on TV at night!  I really love Chica, but Star is pretty awesome too.  Of course, I rarely watch TV because I'm so busy studying Chinese and practicing my cello.  But I happened to catch a minute of The Good Night Show this evening and I was enthralled!

I love Chica and Star, but I know if I watch too much TV my brain will turn to mush and I'll forget how to use my bink properly.

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  1. Actually there was a study in the UK recently that said with babies watching TV is no worse, and maybe even better, than reading a book to them. It's all about the visual stimulation and for a baby it's all the same. However, I'm pretty sure the 'mush' thing applies to the brain once you start watching reality TV, Jersey Shores, etc.... :)