Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay Peeps, I wasn't totally honest earlier.
Yes, it was great having Bella over today.  But I may have had a tiny little bit of trouble playing nicely.

Things started out well.  I showed Bella all my toys and told her she could play anything she wanted.

I read her my book about binks.  It's really a fantastic read and I think she liked it too.

I showed her my ball popper.  I was all, "See Bella, you just push this button here..."

"... or you can just taste it like this."  She wasn't so sure about it.

I let Bella taste all of my blocks.  We didn't find any that were boobie-flavored but a few tasted sort of like puffs.

Yep, I even let her taste my bink.

See?  I did so many nice things.  But when Bella decided she needed to sit on my lap, I wasn't interested.

I tried to gently redirect her.

But a little bit later, she just plopped herself into my lap again.

So I had no choice but to take more drastic actions.  Mom was all, "we don't push friends."  And I was all, "She was invading my personal space."   
Next time, I'll try and play nicer.

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