Friday, February 25, 2011

Team Meeting

Today mom was all, "Hey Juj, I need to run to my office, do you want to come with me or stay home with Sister Lab?"  And I was all, "Sister Lab keeps trying to eat my puffs, I'm coming with you."

It's a good thing I did - my team was so excited to see me!  They were all, "Hey Juj, we want to star on your blog!"  And I was all, "Okay, go touch up your make-up, iron your shirts and make sure your hair is groomed."  I have standards, you know.  Look how cute we are!*

And they even had presents for me!  I got a pig and a book and Auntie Deb said I could taste M&Ms if mom got distracted and stopped watching me.  And Auntie Cat said I could taste Fig Newtons if mom got distracted and stopped watching me.  But mom kept watching me.

And Uncle Chad said if I was going to hang around the office, I had to earn my keep.  He's all business, you know.  So I shined his shoes.

I love visiting mom's office.  But next time I'm going to make sure mom's distracted so I can taste all the delicious, non-organic things waiting for me!
*Not pictured:  Uncle Barry, who was off doing something silly like working or eating tuna.

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  1. OMG
    What a surprise!
    Thanks for taking me along . . . via blogspot

    Your mostest fan . . . GreatAnonymomagrammaG