Thursday, February 3, 2011


My friend Bella called me last night and was all, "Hi Juj, my nanny has to go to the doctor tomorrow.  Can I come play with you for the day?"
And I was all, "Of course!  And bring your clothes that look like mine, we can practice our modeling skills!"

Mom was excited because she had a bunch of ideas for pictures.  Unfortunately, she didn't account for Bella's army crawling skills.  Mom tried really hard but she couldn't get very many pictures because Bella wasn't very excited about sitting still.  I guess my career will be in print work and Bella's will be runway.

We did cooperate for a few though.

Can you believe Bella is only three days older than me?  We're wearing the same size clothes but my sleeves have to be rolled and hers are almost too short!

I had fun modeling...

... but Bella said it was only fun if she could hold toys.

I hope Bella comes back to play modeling again soon.


  1. But Bella's got teeth!!!!!

  2. They are so cute. My child looks like a boob in the pants with the skirt that we bought. Tomboy: nature or nurture?