Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So far my experiences in the snow have been pretty lame.  You can imagine my excitement when mom told me yesterday that she had yet another great snow idea.

I put on some toasty cozy clothes hoping to avoid my ridiculous snorgle-suit.

When we got outside, the funniest looking chair was waiting for me.  Mom said it was a sled that use to belong to my cousins.

I wasn't so sure about this.  And yes, I still had to wear the snorgle-suit.

Mom pulled me around a bit.  Then she told me she wanted to take some pictures of my first sledding adventure.  She suggested I smile and look excited.  This is my excited face.

Sister Lab was a little suspicious of my sled.  First she tried to pounce me.  Then she just wanted to give me a quick snoot.

I really need to talk to mom about her idea of winter fun.

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  1. Bahaha. I love her face. Also, what size is the snorgle suit? We have no snow suit because I'm too cheap to purchase one, and I'm convinced winter will be over soon. In July.