Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Peeps!  I've had a pretty awesome day.  Last night I had a little situation and squawked once or eleventy times so finally mom spent half the night snorgling me.  It was great!  This morning mom and dad were tired and grumpy so I was all, "How about I take you guys out for breakfast!"

Peeps, I got to eat pancakes and hashbrowns!!

After breakfast we went to Target.  Turns out, I should take dad there every day!  I'm always, "Mom, I need more toys!" And mom is all, "It's either electricity or toys, Juj."  She's such a buzz kill.  But dad is the best!

He bought me a dinosaur!  My dino roars and sings and lights up!  He's amazing!

I can walk around with my dino and it's so so fun. 

Don't worry, I'll share a video of me cruising with my dino soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of my favorite skills - bink throwing and table circling.  And as a bonus, you can see our blizzard in the background!


  1. There is some MAJOR payback in store for Daddy on this one. AND Uncle MIKE.....I seem to recall my wonker babies getting some serious noisemaking equipment and FINGER PAINTS.?! Juj can come shopping with Uncle Eric someday. Guns & Ammo are not just for skinhead phycho's ya' know.