Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Kid

 Okay Peeps, I have a confession.  

As much as I love babysitting my friends...

... sometimes I just get tired of baby stuff!  I mean, sure my friends are super nice and they are funny and they are gentle when they pet my head and touch my eyeballs.  But sometimes I'm all, "Guys, you play with your baby stuff, I'm going to be a big kid like your big sister Linnea."

Big kid toys are so cool!  Like Ariel dolls that really sing in the loudest voice ever!

And Strawberry Shortcake toys that really taste like strawberries and baby drool!

When I'm being a big kid I can even play dress-up and try on Linnea's fancy hair bows!  (Umm, so maybe I didn't ask before I tried on her bow but I am sure she would have let me try it.  Probably.  But, just in case, don't tell her.)

Big kids don't have to sleep in cribs.  And guess what - Linnea let me try napping in her bed!  I brought Hank with just in case it was lonely in such a big bed.*

I really do love my baby friends but sometimes it's so mega fun to practice being a big kid.

*Mom watched me very closely while I napped in this big bed.  She was all, "Juj, this is what it would be like if you were on Big Brother."  And I was all, "What the hell are you talking about?"  And then I saw the video camera watching me...

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