Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Slobber

After my friend Joey read my blog about how much I love his big sister, he was all, "Juj, I can play super fun toys too, come over and I'll show you!"  And I was all, "Okay, Jojo, but if this is a trick just so you can try to pet my eyeball, I'm not going to be impressed." 

He wasn't lying - we had so much fun together!  We read books and he let me try all the flaps.

We worked on the animal puzzle and he let me taste all the pieces.  They weren't boobie-flavored but they tasted a little like baby slobber.

We played baseball and I hit a homerun!

We had so much fun playing ball pit!  I liked throwing the balls.  Joey liked flapping his arms so fast they looked invisible.

Joey even said I could taste his bink.  I tried but I haven't figured out how to taste two binks at once.

And guess what?!  Joey let me ride on his dragon!  It was so fun!  The dragon plays songs and rocks and tastes like fuzzy baby slobber.  I told Joey sometime he can come over and try my dino.  It's only fair.

I had a great day playing with Joey.  I guess babies are super fun too.  In fact, we had such a good time I decided that I would just skip my nap to keep Joey company the whole morning!  So I was just a tiny bit tired when I left and I may or may not have passed out holding a hammer...  Luckily I was toasty cozy in Joey's old moose jammies and ready for a great rest!

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  1. A hammer and a cute pair of shoes is all a girl needs to conquer the world!