Friday, February 17, 2012

Chatters and Tables

Apparently I was really on fire today.  I'm a pretty chatty peep but mom was extra entertained by my chatters today, so much that she thought I better write them down so I don't forget.  Her favorites:

Dad was working in the office and I walked in and was all, "Oh dad, you doing some 'puter skills?"


Dad:  (Burp)
Me:  "You in trouble dad."
Dad:  "What am I in trouble for?"
Me:  "Burp."


(Over the monitor when I was supposed to be napping.  Napping is lame.)

"Okay bye mommy, daddy be home in a couple minutes six hours."


Unrelated but equally as important.  My friends like to eat at the table.  I help Hanky-guy, Baby, Mickeymouseclubhouse, and Lion King all sit at the table in their assigned seats.  I feed them pizza, hot dogs and ice cream cones.  It's a pretty fun game.

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