Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today my friends Lizie and Joey invited me over to play.  I was sooooo excited - they have a mega fun house.  But do you know what else they have that's so much fun?!?!

A big sister!  Even though I love Lizie and Joey, I decided to work on my mature-sophisticated-peep skills and spend my time playing with Linnea.  She helped me style my fluff.

She showed me which jewelry best complimented my outfit.  Thank goodness I was wearing her hand-me-down clothes today - that way she could tell I'm a super stylish peep!

She even let me sit on her bed while we practiced the Cs of diamonds and talked about where to get the best manicure in town.  I didn't have a lot to add to the conversation - mom always does my nails.  Lame.

At snack time we wore matching shades.  That's what all the cool kid-peeps do.  And she didn't even judge me for using a booster seat at the table.

After snack we worked on our jumping skills and block-building skills.

But don't worry, Lizie and Joey didn't feel too left out - we totally ate lunch with them.

I had the best time playing with Linnea and I can't wait until she gets her license so she can drive us to the mall.  But I love Lizie and Joey too.  Even if they are just toddler-peeps.

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