Monday, February 20, 2012


Great news, Peeps!  I'm feeling a lot better.  It probably helped that I slept over twelve hours last night and then took a three hour nap.  I just hope mom doesn't think I'm going to do that with any regularity.

Since I was feeling better I went with mom to the store.  I always like to check out the toys in case there's anything awesome that I need.  And since I'm a pretty cooperative toddler-peep, mom lets me walk in the store.  Win.

After my rest I was particularly spunky and yoguck-covered.  Plus, my fluff had awesome curls thanks to my humidifier.  It was a winning afternoon.  I was in such a great mood I decided to stay up way past my bedtime yelling out for mom and dad.  You're welcome, mom and dad.

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